About me:

I have been working as a graphic designer and photographer for over 20 years. I began designing various graphics, tags, logos, and print for the apparel industry and worked my way up, later designing graphics for all aspects of a company. I was then introduced to the wine and spirits world, where I designed everything, from the wine labels to the high end auction catalogs. Through my years of experience I have learned it is important to understand the individual company and it's competitors. Through researching the client, I can properly gauge the appropriate look and feel they are aiming for. The graphics and photos need to be more then appealing –they need to be effective. It enhances a business’ image and inspires the customer to want to learn more about the company and ultimately get them to trust and buy into the brand. My goal when building a company's look is to portray the brand and product as a story. This way, people can connect with the logo or image in their own personal way. We only have one first impression, and I make it my priority to make that impression last.


My Design Process:

I begin every project by studying and performing due diligence about each client so I can properly tailor a brand with the correct look, feel, and appropriate industry standards. A business is not just a logo, and by studying the individual company and competitors I can create the proper aesthetic to achieve eye-catching results. Customers must be engaged in order to buy into a brand and through my years of experience and desire to be innovative I know how to make that perfect symphony occur. I believe a logo needs to be more then just appealing – it needs to have an identity. A beautiful logo that doesn’t engage a potential client is just a pretty logo but a great one draws in a potential client to want to learn more about the company, brand, product, or service. That is why I strive to create artwork for my clients that produce results. 


My Specialties:


- Company logos 

- Business cards

- Brochures

- Invitations

- Event programs

- Menus

- Custom flyers 

- Custom designed email blasts

- Advertising campaigns

- Mailers

- Stationary

- Gift certificates/cards

- Hangtags/Labels

- Posters

- Wine labels

- Banners

- Storefront signage

- Product photography

And much more...